Volunteer for nerve testing study

KLAB is continually engaged in NIH sponsored research to devise new medical devices to supplement the patient neurological exams. We rely heavily upon the good will of volunteer healthy subjects and patients with neuromuscular disorders to test the devices at different stages of development. On some occasions volunteers donate skin biopsy tissue that we use to validate the devices. Our studies are registered and approved by the UM Institutional Review Board (IRB) to assure patient safety. 

Who: Healthy adults, and adults with neuropathy, ages 20‐90
Why: Study nerve function as evaluated by novel medical devices that examine touch, vibration (and other sensations), and sweat gland function.
How  to volunteer:  Call (612) 626‐6148 or email nerve@umn.edu for additional information or to enroll.

Copy of volunteer brochure:  Volunteer Study Brochure

Directions to lab:  PDF icon directions_to_klab.pdf

What tests are done?
  • Volunteers undergo neurological examination and screening.
  • Touch sensation is evaluated on the finger pad with a new sensitive “Bumps” device.
  • Sweating is induced in a small area (about 1 square inch) and then sweat gland density and rate of sweating will be determined using a new “Sensitive Sweat Test” handheld video camera.

Funding: KLAB projects are funded by NIH Small Business Technology Transfer Grants and private donations.

Dr. William Kennedy’s son holds a financial and business interest in Neuro Devices, Inc., the company involved in this study. This relationship is reviewed and managed by the University of Minnesota in accordance with its conflict of interest policy.

NIH Grant 5R42NS071979-04   A Device to Quantify Sweat of Single Sweat Glands to Diagnose Neuropathy

NIH Grant 2R42TR000462-02   The Bumps: a device for rapid non invasive quantification of touch sensation


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