Sensitive Sweat Test (SST)

Camera for Sensitive Sweat Test (SST)

Side View

Nosepiece motion triggers video capture

Side View of SST camera

Top View

Showing image capture circuit board

Top view of sweat camera

Lens view

With size reference

Sweat camera top view
Starch Test Strips Starch test strips
Starch test strips attached to camera Starch test strip applied to Sweat Test camera
Testing on Calf sweat test on calf
Testing on Foot sweat test on foot

Video Sample of subject foot at start of chemotherapy.

# Regions   457
Total nL    584.6
Density     2.1
Avg. Rate   1.6 nL/min


SST video sample of baseline foot

Video Sample of subject foot after 16 week session of chemotherapy.

# Regions    80
Total nL     67.3
Density     0.4
Avg. Rate   1.2 nL/min
SST video sample of foot after chemotherapy induced neuropathy


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The Sensitive Sweat Test (SST) calibrated camera is used to image progressive sweating (shown by starch iodine reaction) at stimulated sites. The captured video is then analyzed to determine quantity of sweat sites, sweat production rate, and total sweat volume. 1

1​ Kennedy WR, Selim M, Wendelschafer-Crabb G, Blaes AH, Suter F, Nolano M, Provitera V. A device to quantify sweat in single sweat glands to diagnose neuropathy. J Medical Devices. 2013;7:030941-1-2.

U.S. Patent Application No. 20,140,275,862 (Filed Mar. 15, 2013).

NIH Grant 5R42NS071979-04   A Device to Quantify Sweat of Single Sweat Glands to Diagnose Neuropathy