History of Neurology at the University of Minnesota

The first four heads of the Neurology Department

Photo: The first four heads of the Neurology Department at the University of Minnesota.

This information was compiled to relate the history of Neurology at the University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding communities. It is a tribute to the founders of Neurology in Minnesota and those who followed in their footsteps. The history of neurology is laid upon the background of the history of medicine in the Twin Cities and at the University of Minnesota. Following is an overview of the contents of each section.

The history pages are undergoing revision. Check back later or contact the lab for more information.

Section I: History of MEDICINE in the Twin City area and at the University of Minnesota. The section describes early education of physicians, formation of the first medical societies, founding dates of Twin Cities Hospitals, early medical schools in Minnesota.

Section II: History of MEDICINE at the University of Minnesota. This extension of Section I is specific to the University of Minnesota.

Section III: History of NEUROLOGY at the University of Minnesota, from 1888 to present. The section describes the beginnings of Neurology at the University, first four Heads 1888-1976 and subsequent Heads, faculty and others involved. It includes pictures of past residents (1945-2007), of earlier trainees and many faculty. 

Section IV: History of NEUROLOGY in the Twin Cities. This includes the early minutes of the Minnesota Neurological Society, history of some private practice clinics and neurology practices.

Section V: Neurology in the USA. This is a brief overview of the first years of the American Academy of Neurology and the beginning of the Journal Neurology.


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